Data Collections and Solutions

Data collection and structure solution is done to meet or exceed current publication results at 173K.

Controlled Substance License

Our laboratory is licensed to handle schedule I-V class Drugs by the State and the DEA.


We use a 3-axis goniometer APEX II diffraction system from Bruker-AXS using Mo or Cu radiation.

The laboratory is equipped with CCD area detector that provide fast reliable data collection. Single crystal data is collected at low temperature standard of 173K. Other temperature data collections may be performed if it is determined that they are needed.

Meet the Crystallographer

Richard Staples has over 25 years of crystallographic experience and has been the coauthor of over 250 publications. He was chosen to set up and run the crystallographic labs at Harvard and the University of Idaho. In addition, he has done a post-doctoral fellowship at Texas A&M under Dr. John P Fackler. He is currently running the x-ray crystallographic labs at Michigan State University.

Dr. Staples is nationally recognized for not only excellent crystallographic results but in his ability to grow single crystals in difficult environments. He has been an invited lecturer on crystal growth for several sessions at the nationally acclaimed summer school at the University of Southern California at San Diego as well as performing a Webinar and lectures around the country for academics and industry. More information can be found at the Linked in profile, through the link below.